Monday, September 1, 2008

Smoking Thunder - RIY banks Breaking

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The turbocharged breezes of last night and yesterday energized the ocean.
One of the spots I like to dive is the RIY banks - this reef rises up from 60 meters to a depth of 8 m. It is about 4 km across with some shallow regions of 15-20 m.

Some years ago I went there with another small inflatable. We anchored out boats and the swell started getting up - eventually the trought to crest height was 5-7 m and the odd wave began a slight crumble. There were not any breaks yet.

Today I could clearly see the breaks from the shore 16 km away!

The RIY Banks Breaking 16 km away. The breaks you see span a distance of 4 km from left to right.

I would guess those waves would be up to perhaps 15 m trough to crest and the spray probably rises around 30 m above that.

Perhaps one day I will take a jet ski out there and go play - the only problem is that is will be choppy there as there is a 16-20 km fetch for the wind to wind up a chop and one would probably not be able to drive very fast without bouncing to pieces.

Here is another pic taken from the UPE(NMMU) building with an elevation of about 60 m. Here the RIY bank break is about 17 km away - gives some idea of the size of the waves.

The year the Oceanus went down the sea was a lot bigger. The whole bank was white water continuously.
Later I will put up a post with details of the online open weigh-in instructions.


Zane said...

Hi Gletwyn

Seems that they only people smiling in PE are the surfers. Where did you take the 1st 2 pictures from? Lookout/Kom.

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Admiralty Beacon,
How was Mozambique?

Zane said...

Beacon makes sense - some of the vegetation made me think of Lookout - my navigation poor. Mozambique was good. Did virtually no diving, plenty of deep sea fishing - "harbour master" was not fond of me, so spearfishing permit became an issue. Wanted to charge me 500meticash a day (about R150), normally 400 meticash for a month. Inshore was rough and messy anyway. Will do the trip again, in better season.