Monday, September 29, 2008

Spearfishing two fish with one shot - video clip

Friday morning saw Mark and myself out for an early morning mission (EMM - as Fanus and I termed it). That is the great thing about diving in PE you can zip out for a two to three hour dive and still pitch up for work on time, or perhaps a bit late. Guess it depends on the work and the fish.

We dived near Noordhoek to check out the viz and found it to be poor. In the deeper water it was also poor so the only hope was some cleaner water at the point - and that we got 5-7 m viz and temp not bad 16-17 deg. Did a look for yellowtail - none.

This dive Mark was closer than normal - understandable after last weeks great fright.

We got a few fish for the online open comp and headed to the wreck of the Kapodistrias. The surge was grinding.

I was battling to operate camera, snotty, squeaky sinus and still spearfish.

After while I managed a nice clip. The bronze bream circling nearby managed to offer a potential eclipse and I took advantage of it.

The educated and opportunistic frenchies get snacks where available.

See the action...

In my online mentorship program I cover the topic of getting two fish with one shot. On occasion it is possible to get three with one shot. As with any field one must just be able to predict then use that prediction to set up the success. That is also a topic I spend considerable time on in the online program as it is a facet what I consider true empowerment.
You often hear "teach a man to fish" - much better than give the fish. I agree but would add teach him how to predict when to fish.

Wednesday looks like it may be good for local diving if the west can clear the easterlies mess. Thursday is also predicted to be flat early on (more predictions!).

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