Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Camera issues & Photography Tips

My Sony camera has given up the ghost!
It was a good little system - got it in about May 2004 and it lasted till now almost 4.5 years. I must admit that I am not the most gentle person on equipment and it endured a lot. Interestingly my brother in laws camera packed up about a month before mine.

Now I will bug Mark to take his camera a long to use until I get my next one. I turn 40 next year and my wife decided to get me one 4 my birthday present. She isists that it be a video camera and not a smaller unit like my Sony P10 was. ANyway I may not be too prolific with video clips over the next while, but I will be able to work on some other aspects that I wish to research.

One of the later lesson in my mentorship program covers use of cameras and photgraphy as well as taking video clips.

Tip for when you pose with your fish for a pic:
1. Get the light source - sun/ artificial behind you or at least oblique.
2. Get shadows off the human subjects face - caps, trees etc. mess up a pic.
3. hold the fish side on - they look better side on rather than at a 47.658 degree angle.
4. Get camera as close as possible, and take numerous shots - allows for out of focus pics or when you cut off the spearos head cause all you looked at was the fish.
5. Consider the colour of the fish and its background - seek contrast - a black fish on a black background sucks!
6. Get a nice background - boat, sea, mountains, poledancer etc.

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