Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Evening thoughts

Zane Hobson sent me a mail on the speargun ban issue that I am sure leaped through the spearo networks at the speed that liquid nitroglycerin detonates(about 8 km/sec).
I had a crazy day and could only get to PC now - here is what Zane says:

I tracked down the document – eventually. How I read it – no person may hunt fish unless he has the required permit (this is the proviso). Are the papers we buy at the post office permits? I believe they are.

Is it a case of misinterpretation? What I am trying to say is: a speargun is listed – agreed, fish are included in the definition of hunting – agreed. However read the proviso contained in Section 4 – “subject to the conditions set out in the applicable permits, it is generally stated that no person may, unless he is the holder of a permit [which we all have], hunt a wild animal [which includes fish]”.

I read the doc and fully agree that we can all relax.

Anyway it's sometimes good to see how we think we would react to a ban anyway.

I think I would immediately place an order for a speargun and take it out to sea with me to shoot fish.
I doubt very much I would be alone.

Anyway on Sunday morning I went for a shoredive(rare for me - to few options available).
I swam in at Seal Point(Cape St Francis)and headed out around the point to the gulleys and ledges just south of the point. Sterile but viz was 8-12m.
Then I headed back into the bay all the way to the beach along the surfer zone.
Pretty sterile all along, except for blacktail butterfish and john browns. I caught a big octopus and let it go again. It refused to relaeas two sizable stones.
There was a fat seal with flippers in the air - in my bored state I decided to try play GW and sneak up to it. About 10 m away the seal slipped below eyeing me cautiously.
This strip in the bay which I dived could get good on a rising thermocline - let the easts blow first and wait for the west to flip it up to a depth of about 5-10 m.
Say two days of east(perhaps 18 knots then go about 2 hours after west begins, if viz/swell permit).
Same for Shark Point and Oyster Bay.

Later that afternoon saw me relaxing at the St Francis Marina, not long and I was in the water checking out the bottom with relative. We found plenty of 6-9 inch slugs. They had a greenish blue skin with whitish pink tentacles. I hauled two out to show the spectators. Amazing one guy, called Guy, had been going there for 20 years and never saw one b4. Pity my camera was at the other place where we were staying. On the slugs - I risked handling them without gloves and had no alrgic reactio but the gland in my armpit did swell a bit - possibly they emit a toxin....???

A funny whitefaced border collie was deeply stressed at the black monster swimming alongside his property!

I was a tad stressed I did not take a boat along to dive at the Water Tower areas off Paradise beach as it looked very good there.

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