Thursday, October 2, 2008

More fishes for Online Open

Johan Jacobs also weighed in a nice queenfish of 7 kg.

Mark Jackson and I also managed a few additions recently too.

I have addd a few pics to the gallery at

Scoreboard is not yet updated though.

I hear rumours that some at least one fish over 12kg was taken but as yet no pics are available - we will see next week.
Viz at Hole in the Wall is apparently about 10 m!

I have quite enjoyed the change in the competition diving strategy this concept of an online comp offers. On the bloddy weather has been terrible. Yesterday I dived to 28 m and had viz of around 3 m, and a grinding surge - yukky!

Anyways so far so good the compa has been fun and I hope more fish will still be weighed in.

I would like criticism from the outside.
1. What do you guys thin of the the comp and way it is run?
2. What improvements could you suggest?

send crits to or post as comments.


Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Great idea, if you could just organise better weather for us Cape Town divers next time you run one :)

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Some call me G but unfortunately for weather control there is not an "OD" after the G, its "letwyn"

So, sorry about the weather.

When do you think will be best to run it next year from a CT perspective?

Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Hi Gletwyn,

Our weather is normally best from Feb to May, but that time of year is also cracker season for us, and steenbras, for those who take the time in the Atlantic kelp :) SO anytime you want to have it, go for it, I will try to drum up mor esupport here.
Cheers, Tony

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

THat agrees with my thoughts to place it around March - there are school and public holidays - say about 20 March to about 2 May to include workers day.

It is also early before the european summer when the Qualifier event is run.