Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Online Open Pics in Gallery

I topped up the gallery for the Online Open yesterday and some fine additions have been made including a 5.12 kg Soldier(93.7% of the record!).

I updated the scores too see http://www.freedive.co.za/file.asp?ID=9999

Not the shift in position!!

Lohan Geel moved in a and rolled Mark and I over in a morning dive!!!!!

Two of his fish:

See the pics at http://www.freedive.co.za/gallery.asp

p.s. On the soldiers - it is interesting to not how Algoa Bay can deliver the big ones. In 1993 and 1994 we could go for a dive and return with a stringer full of big soldiers by carefully timing the dives with the winds.
I remember one day going out to Cape Receife on a shoredive and returning with 10 soldiers ranging from 3.5 to 5 kg. The water was only 5 m deep! The Quota was ten then, but now it is down to five.
Good local areas to get soldiers is in the vicinity of Coega and the Islands, Bellbuoy to Cape Receife, Sandy reefs between Thunderbolt and Noordhoek and also off Bushy park and Seaview. RIY banks sometime produces lots of big one when shoals of gorries reside over pinnacles.
Thermoclines concentrate them heavily.
I like to dive in murky water to make the hunting easier - but of course tehn the sand tigers get involved too. Fanus and I have hunted them in the presence of many sand tigres and we had to lift the fish clean out of water to flap in the air to confound the raggies it worked.
Now I got myself all excited to hunt soldiers again!!!!

Their hard fight makes for great fishing with lighter tackle.

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Wayne said...

Awesome fish there Lohan!