Monday, October 6, 2008

Online Open - Weekend Action

Well, this last weekend and previous week saw a good few contributions to the online open.
I heard some more fish came out in the Transkei at Hole in the Wall, including some nice ones.
On Saturday I heard that I can expect some good fish taken in Algoa Bay by Lohan Geel - he got one of really nice fish that was 93% of the SA record with guts and gill in and a few more. Let's wait for the pics.
Lohan followed my tip of hiding his face and eyes and reported success using the approach. Lets see how that tips pays off for him in the online open.

If you missed it see my post of late last week

With this comp - it gets more difficult as you have some fish on the board and I managed to squeaze in a german bream of just over 1.5 kgs.

Yellowtail showed up too - I saw one small one in the deep water but took bankie instead, and on my next dive I lost a big tail after it began stiching my line through the coral - probably a good thing as with a 25-30 second ascent ahead of me I would have most likely disposed of the spear.

Mark got a 10.5 kg tail behind Thunderbolt - the shot was long and low and my second shot only succeeded in splitting the top fin - I had to grab it and wrap line around it tail in case it tore off. This did not work very well so I stuffed my hand into teh gills and swam it up. Spierre carbons responded well to the full steam upward order. There is some skin missing on my fingers from the shaking and action of the gills on my ungloved right hand.

Later today or tomorrow I will post more pics as they come in.

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