Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PE Oceanarium - Cob and Remora

I took this clip to a remora exploring it's proposed host - a good sized cob of about 20 kg. Probably defected from one of the Sand Tigers.

Quite a few species show up in the clip. I saw cob, musselcracker, spotted grunter, caranteen, cape stumpnose, rockcod(meru), shad, scotsman,zebra, blue hottentot, banded galjoen (damba).

The spotted grunter are rather rare in Port Elizabeth if you do not dive around the harbours. Excellent eating though.
Red listed by SASSI

SASSI data:
Species Information
Other Names | Tiger (KZN)
Biology | Fairly resident, utilises estuaries as nursery and feeding areas
Habitat | Estuaries and coastal waters over soft sediments
Distribution | SW Cape to Mozambique
Capture Methods | Recreational shore angling and spearfishing, beach treknets, subsistence net and trap fisheries in KZN

Conservation Notes
Recreational species only. Dependence on estuaries makes species more vulnerable. Catches made by commercial treknetters should be released.

I would add to that that the spotted grunter is rarely taken by spearfishermen.
Coega harbour seems to hold great numbers of juveniles.

Normally they are small but some of five kg and more can be taken on the odd occasion in the PE area, almost always in Algoa Bay from Hobie Beach North to the Sundays River area.

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