Thursday, October 9, 2008

Results -South Africa's First Online Spearfishing Competition

This Online Open Competition was the first of it's type run in SA for spearfishing(as per my knowledge).
We had participants who weighed in fish and a few more who did not take pics but entered anyway.

The objective was to raise funds for the Springbok Spearfishing Team, hence he low entrance fee to encourage participation.

We did not have may entries but it was somewhat a rushed affair and very new. It was fun and added an extra dimension to spearfishing - thinking how to get higher scores from your dives.

Mark and led for some time but Lohan Geel took care of that on his Saturday morning dive. Shows that those who have more time to dive do not necessarily win!

I have updated the results and added another pic to the gallery.

Thanks to Shane Breedt for sponsoring a pair of Freedivers Fins as a Prize. Freedivers are without fail amongst the sponsors when it come to giving prizes for competitions and the Springbok team.
Thanks to me( too for offering a mentorship program and a correspondence course and a divebook on CD(pinnacle and Wall divesites or Port Elizabeth).
Thanks to Tony Elvin-Johnson for the idea to have an online competition.

I said there would be be prizes for:
Best overall record percentage score
Lohan Geel takes that one.

Best fish with highest record percentage score
This one is also given to Lohan Geel, not for his butterfish of 100% as we all know greater butter fish may be taken relatively easily, he gets this prize for his Soldier that was 4.6 kg gutted. It was 94% of the record guts in)

Best Cape fish (this prize exists because in the Cape we are disadvantaged by fewer species worth spearing) it also goes to Lohan Geel

Biggest fish taken goes to Peter Dreyer with his musselcracker of 12.4 kg

Well that was a fun competition and I learned a lot for running the next one.

Pics are on:

Scores and Prizes viewed on:

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Eckart Benkenstein said...

I can't wait for the next one! I should be back in the water by next week (although the nurse keeps extending my time by a week!). Just let us know when and I'll spread the word down here in CT. I'm really glad the comp went well and good going on the courage to do something like this.
I think it will just keep getting better!