Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spearfishing a Butterfish, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

A week ago I took a small but efficient catch for the Online Open. It was a buuterfish, for which no record is found on teh record list. That gave me 100 % until a few minutes later Mark took a slightly bigger one, giving him 100% and me less.

Wanna watch me take the fish...?

Note the pectoral fin has the same "fingerfins" as their deeper water relative the bank steenbras. The butter fish (two tone fingerfin) are far small than the grey and pink bankies which reach 10 a ~8 kg respectively.

I swim the butter up:

SASSI( says nothing of the butterfish, nor two tone finger fin. They do mention another specie called a butterfish but it is a deep water fish.
Banksteebras were also absent from the list.

None of the fingerfins are, in my opinion, under a significant threat from fishermen or spearfishermen as a population but may be depleted locally as they appear semiresidential.

Interestingly on the RIY banks we encounter massive shoals of butterfish in certain areas.
I seldom take the butterfish as they are generally very small.

Yesterday was the last day for pics to be sent through for the online open and I will post the scores later.


Zane said...

Hi Gletwyn

My information indicates that the SA spearfishing record for a twotone fingerfin (butterfish) is 2.6kg's. My source is R van der Elst - A Guide to the Common Sea Fish of Southern Africa. Not to create confusion, but maybe the fish was left off the SA record list due to its vulnerable status - just lying on a rock waiting to be speared.


Gletwyn Rubidge said...

OK great so there does seem to be a record - 2.6 is a beast.
Doubt that was the reason for leaving it off - I have found the bigger butterfish are not that dim on many occasions.