Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spearfishing FAQ - How do you find gamefish in murky water?

I had this question the other day:

How do You know when the gamefish(yellowtail)are near, especially in dirty water when you can't see them?

This is essentially what I tell the questioner:
1. Watch the baitfish if they are there - they tell you some of what you cannot see - look for their thinning out in certain zones, movement or relaxedness. They show up fish and sharks. If all the frenchies thunder off to the bottom I get down asap expecting a shoal of big fast moving yellowtail.

2. Watch the birds(terns & gannets mostly). Even while you rest on the surface - they follow fish which are readily visible to them from the air. Note that birds flying low overhead spook baitfish too.

3. Use topography to force fish into view - dive channels and ridges that can direct fish crossing the ridges.

4. Spread divers twice the viz apart and pre-arrange to pool your catch for co-operative information transfer.

5. Attract them with sound. But now that is heading off the topic a bit. Anyway the use of sound underwater is the sole topic of Lesson 13 in my online mentorship program.

6. Do not let you boat driver be idle - use the sounder and give reports to divers - long fish arches indicate bigger fish - cape salmon, cob, yellowtail, or yellowfin.

So that may help know when teh fish are near and increase your odds.

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