Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekend prospect and Dive Report

I went for a quick test drive on my inflatable(deflatible is perhaps a better word!) this morning.
Evert DuPlesis joined me after layoff since March !!! Jeez Evert that's a previous life!

I had made a nose lifter for my inflatable - a foabfilled center pontoon that fastens in under teh front of the boat. It worked like a charm and we had a dry ride.

At the deeper water near Thunderbolt Evert was greeted by yellowtail as he entered the water - before he even connected his floatline. I was occupied on the boat and made a hurried entry to find Evert had speared on of about 5-6 kg. I rushed down to find two skittish fish - they were mildly interested and I was needing air and let them pass. Twice more I saw fish in deeper water - I had just speared a cracker of about 11 kgs and had it on my speargun and made a delayed approach with the cracker in my left hand. The tail made off again. I saw another two that were also keep out of range.
We headed toward Shelley beach where I got another cracker while peering into cave - I had just seen two baardman go in when I glanced over my shoulder to see a cracker coming to look - my fins were toward it and need to see more of me and came too close. Just as I pulle dup the anchore Evert requested a second shot for the 14-15 kg tail he speared. He wanted cracker and got none, I wanted tail for a braai tonight, speared none, but got one from Evert.

Without pilchards I came home without tail but if we had pilchards I thinks my chances would have been much greater. There were a few bronze whalers about.

The viz ranged from five to about 12 m and the water was about 16-18 deg C.

Prospects for weekend diving(and getting fish) are very good - easterly today and tomorrow with smallish swell.

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