Thursday, October 23, 2008

World Championships - Venezuela

Well today the Springboks will be having the first day of their competition against the worlds top spearos.
Should be a really tough competition.
Friday is a rest day and Saturday is the second and deciding day of the competition.

One great thing about the competition are is that few sharks are present so full focus can be on spearfishing. Also the use of GPSes is permitted, unlike in the Euro-Africa Qualifier where we had to memorize landmarks for a little cave 2.5 km out to sea.
This can be rather tricky and locating the spots was time consuming.
The day before the comp we spent 4-6 hours confirming landmarks in each area!!

I hold thumbs for our guys!

Algoa Bay was looking pretty good this morning - cleanish in the shallows and not much swell. I saw the MCM vessel heading south using their share+ of fossil fuel funded by you, me and other tax payers.

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