Friday, October 24, 2008

Wreck Divesites attract Bronze Bream Port Elizabeth Shipwreck

Recently I have not taken any video clips.... Ouch! Been out the sea too long and the weekend 4cast sucks - big swell and fresh east while the swell is up so I expect the water to be poked. There was a trace of clear water in the shallows at Shark Rock pier this morning.

I have dive on some 30 wrecks in the Port Elizabeth area. One common denominator on the wrecks is the presence of bronzbream. They are simply always to be found on local wrecks. The caves made by the plates make for good security.

Anyway here is a clip of me descending with my freedivers speargun - seeing many bronzbream(so will you), and not spearing one. They were a tad small and easy prey.

They have a close relative the blue hottentot, which also like wrecks but prefer the deeper water to shallows whereas local bronze bream are quite often in the deeper water (down to say 25m) but are even more prolific in the shallows.

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