Monday, November 24, 2008

As I guessed...

Last week I suggested that Sunday would be good for spearfishing and my model worked.
I was fishy.
Eugene van Wyngaardt sent me proof:

Diddi and Eugene with nice cracker and yellowtail from the Thunderbolt area.

The sea was flattish but picking up a bit in the early afternoon - correct as per windfinder. Thermoclines were strong with a yukky band just above. It is nice to see the reefs well attended with fish of various species - barrdman, cracker, soldiers, tail, and hoards of small bronzbream.

Yesterday the fact of getting a good position on the bottom re-emphasized itself to me. On every dive as I approach the bottom I automatically scan for a good position. On many reefs that I have dived often I even have precise handholds and cracks I sit in every dive. Many of the spots I will not stay on the bottom till I have my exact position. There must be an open "playingfield" in front and I must be secure against surge. Much the same as one would desire for a military ambush - no, exactly the same!
My favourite spots include:
- cracks to jam my leg into,
- a small ridge to pinch inward with my legs for grip,
- ledges to swim under and push up with left arm and legs to jam myself in.
Anyone who has dived surgy cavy areas is bound to agree with me - its no good doing cartwheels with each passing wave lest the cracker laugh at you.

Friday arvie I went to Coega wall - poor viz and few fish - I had an interesting visit - a two foot green turtle came up toward me on the surface and was eventually about 4 inches from my wiggling fingers - in case they looked good eating I moved them to his front right flipper and gripped it - the turtle did not object. I shook it as it we had not met in ages and the turtle tolerated my movements without any sign of objection. I then rubbed his side and he turned away and came back for another look, then headed back into the murk.
I was not altogether comfortable in the murky water as earlier this year I had a report from a fisherman who got onto the wall and noticed a big great white shark swimming around for some time - soon the fisherman noticed some you seals on the big 30 ton dolosse(water breaking structures).

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