Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breathhold and Bottom Time

When I first began spearfishing - getting a better breathhold was the key factor to being able to get a fish. Sometimes in those days a 30 second downtime was simply too little for allowing the fishes curiosity to drive it closer to present a possible shot.
Later(still in first year of spearfishing) I mastered my breathholds a bit better - jumped from 45 seconds to 85 sec after one dry training session. My body was submitting to my will.
Sometimes you just need to push the right button/s to get to the next level. Finding the right button can be the tricky part.

Even now some days I train and may be getting a poor result in breathholds, relatively poor anyway. I change the point of focus for my attention and I notice a hard excercise becomes easy and I exceed the the target by, say 20-30%, and feel far better afterwards. Again it is a case of finding the right "button", or buttons and pressing.

So over the last few months I decided to compile, in a Word document, the "buttons" that worked for me to enhance my breathholds, and bottom time - I put them together in a single document.

It was interesting to see how layering one technique(button) on top of another is actually what happens - each by itself helps considerably but when combined the effect created is far reaching compared to the individual parts.

I guess its like a car engine - starting out as a 2 liter, twin valve, two cylinder - its OK at the time.
Next the capacity remained the same and four cylinders were used improving the power.
Later four valves per cylinder made yet another improvement.
Now add fuel injection, turbo, supercharger, freeflow exhaust etc. etc. and we have a completely enhanced product.
That's what I mean by layering - there is no reason, in my mind that the same cannot be done to a spearo! It's done in engineering, chemistry, finance...

Obviously I cut and pasted a fair amount from my online spearfishing mentorship program as it has much of the work in it, but spread out over 52 lessons.

The table of contents is starting to look quite exciting to me - man if only I had that 16 years ago.

I intend to offer this as a course to:
A) Improve the depths that you can dive, and
B) Show how to enhance you bottom time.

This way people do not have to sign up for my full mentorship program to get the deepdiving mentoring and guidance.
(I am a somewhat impatient person and prefer "short runways" to get my plane in the air - at present all I offer at present is the "long runway")

So if you are interested keep an eye on my blog for the release of this product.

The table of contents presently looks something like this:
Part 1 Why Deeper? Why more bottom time? Shallow water Blackout. Kaizen and Parts of Spearfishing. Spearo (self) Analysis(Where you’re at)& Spearfishing Goals
Part 2 Mindset for Deep Diving
Part 4 Anatomy of Success in Spearfishing
Part 6 Safety and Anatomy of a dive
Part 7 Land-based Physical Training
Part 8 Psychological Training
Part 9 Deep Diving
Part 10 Ultra-Deep Diving
Bonus 1 Hunting Techniques
Bonus 2 Advanced Hunting Techniques

Guess a few late nights in front of the PC are in order for me...

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