Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cows and Spearfishing

Cows can affect your spearfishing!

Bit of a nutty title?

OK I mean dairy and spearfishing. Over recent years I began having increasingly severe sinus infection and blockages.
I frustration I dumped dairy - well essentially so. Butter was replaced with olive oil. Apparently a good option as I read in the biography of JD Rockefeller who took a table spoon per day and attributed his long life to 98 years partially due to his daily dose of olive oil.

Anyway, cheese, one of my favourites has to be cut loose. I also reduced my milk in tea and also cut loose ice cream.

My findings:
1. After beginning a year and a half ago with this CIAO MISS COW I found a gradual improvement. Far less sinus infection - the chronic infection went. On occasion when flu gets me I would have a blockage. Also reduced headaches.
Hay fever reduced considerably and this year I have not once taken antihistamines whereas previously I had to. One hay fever allergy I had was the effect of freshly cut grass - it simply used to roll me over. Now I have no hay fever symptoms even as the grass is being cut.

So my conclusion is that there may be link between my improved sinus and hay fever status which is dependant on reduced dairy and consumption of olive oil.

An experiment I may try is reintroducing dairy and watch the effect it has but still use olive oil - my thought is that perhaps the olive oil reduced the dairy problems.

Any finding you guys have of interest?


Lohan said...

I had the same problem. It is only humens that make use of milk once they are away from the brest. I still love my cheez but had to cut down. Blackwatel and Siringa trees use to kill me during the blooming season (this time of the year). I use Beclate Aquanase (water and salt mix) once in the morning and just before bed time. Now I can dive a full day with out problems.

Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

I'm too scared to give up cheese. If my sinus improves, I'll have to give it up permanently. And that is too scary to contemplate!

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

He hee - Seems I was not the only Rat.