Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dive Report - RIY

Mark and I went to the RIY banks on Saturday - weather was perfect - hardly a juvenile whitecap.
The water looked crappy at Cape Receife. We headed out eastwards for about8 km before the watercolour changed to reasonable, but still we were not sure as the sun tends to knock off one's finer colour perception when driving into the early morning light.

Starting on some of the shallower pinnacles on the south western side we found the surface to have about 5-6 viz and below the water got a bit worse but from about 18 m down it was up to 8-9 m viz. Same temp all through - ~17 deg C. Surge was heavy - we could easily identify the pinnacles but the way the swell rose on them - of course that means - SURGE! Cartwheels when you hang onto the redbait pods.

Objective number one was to get yellowtail. After about 45 min the frenchies spooked heavily and I took a 10 kg tail through the spine - Mark saw smaller ones but they were too spooky.

After a while I saw some small cracker and an 8 kg fish came in close enough for me to bag it. Due to the surge and lack of fish combined with the viz I did not even dig Mark's camera out his bag.
The viz was a bit better on the east side but fish were scarce again and no more tail about. We were both feeling very weak in the water - slow diving and 20 m felt like 30.

We tried one last spot and to my delight a shoal of tail swam just below me - I followed and ended up doing at least two 360's following them down trying to get a clear shot with my 1.2 gun.(the 1.1 had a line tangle on the reel and so I had to use the less maneuverable gun. Disorder broke out in the school of tail as i forced them onto the bottom and I clear shot presented itself as I had singles out one fish of 6 kg. The shot was mid body with not engine room damage. My reel fouled and I had the privilege to dragging the fish 18 m up. Fortunately my Spierre carbon fins are efficient and I made surface without having to ditch the gun or my belt. Mark asked from the boat if I needed another gun to go down and look for as second one - this opportunity I declined.
A few nice sized soldiers also were showing up after that. I took a rest and Mark did a few dives and had a sand tiger visit persistently.

Interesting MCM arrived and perched on the SE side of the banks with their red vessel - dunno what purpose they were trying to achieve. We headed back a around 2pm.

Later today I will have yellowtail on the fire and some sushimi.

p.s. I saw a cuttlefish of about 3 cm in length. This little chap was over a frenchie infested pinnacle! Suicidal! Anyway it was interested in my speargun and kept close - it fired three ink squirts that were the same reddish colout it was and these ink squirts were very much like its shape they appeared to gongeal on contact with the saltwater and hold a certain form - that was quite good coutermeasure defence I thought.

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