Monday, November 24, 2008

Heavy Impact

Take a close look at this picture.

Can you make out what it is?

In a later post I will show and tell.


Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Looks like the mast of a fairly big boat being clouted by a huge wave!!!
Love to see any others in the series.
I get jealous looking at all the good fish you guys get in PE, CT diving has not been great for the last two years, and even Infanta where I normally get a few cracker, has been turned brown for most of the season in the last 2 years. I got one tiny gap this year and got 1 cracker, but that has been it!
Cheers, Tony

Simon said...

I agree with Tony, it looks like a ship, Plus the name of the image is Ghost+Ship!Great to see the fish you guys are getting up the road from us here in Knysna...Havent been for a dive in a while. Shot for an awesome blog.


Eckart said...

that sequence is nuts!!!