Saturday, November 29, 2008

weekend dive/spearfishing options

Big Oops - I posted this post on the swimline blog on Fiday by mistake - i have an excuse - I am one of a set of twins and we are still sharing a brain...
It's now Saturaday! Here is what I said anyway:
This arvie should proove good. Flat sea and light winds.
Tomorrow morning would be best b4 the west freshens as per 4cast.
Algoa Bay dives may be the better option on Sunday as a 2 m plus SW swell is due.
But I think I will conince Mark to go fishing with out sons rather on Sunday - it't time young Zephyr got a bigger fish with a handline than his six kg cob from last year.

Oh I have enjoyed the roads without taxis - I am sure all locals agree.

Have a good one,

Now you may be asking what it was like on Friday arvie's Dive:
poor viz between chelsea point and 3 km into Algoa bay. We saw some tail at THinderbolt in the delightless 2-3 m viz but they were too jittery - half a kick of their tail pushes them far out of sight.
There was a fresh westerly current - almost too hard to swim and fishermen reported a heavy easterly current in the deeperwater - 60 m plus. The day was picture perfect -almost no swell and wind not exceeding about 8 knots. THere was cool water from ~ 10 m down on the west of Cape Receife and the chilly water was higher in the bay.
We got a few fish but nothing exceptional.
Divers and fishermen in the morning reported 12 deg water - the cold water had been pushed down by the afternoon's current.

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