Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekend possiblities

The west is blowing a good 25 knots and has surely warmed up the surface water on the west side by now, ruffled up the surface considerably too.

Algoa Bay near Shark Rock look very murky this morning but I am sure it would eb a bit better toward the point. with a 2 m SW swell due tomorrow it may be better to head deeper on the west side or Thunderbolt or for shorediving - perhaps a sheltered spot like Malay (Mangolds) Pool may be best.

I will try poach Mark's camera and housing to get a clip or two this weekend.

Sunday will be a bit flatter with a freshe ast due in the afternoon - that should begin raising the thermocline as the cycle repeats itself.

Have a good one!


Eckart Benkenstein said...

Have you used the new freedivers frictionless guns yet? It would be interesting to see how you rate them. Let me know if you get the oppertunity to try them out and let me know what you think.

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

I have used the frictionless trigger mechanisms - spears engage very smoothly on reloads. I certainly noticed an improvement there. However I have not actually remembered to oberver the difference in smoothness when shooting a fish. I have used the frictionless trigger mechanisma for some time now and would have to put back the old mechanisms to compare - if I get bored over DEc perhaps I will get round to that.
As kids we used to make our own voorlaaiers(musselloading muskets) and we also made our own trigger and hammer mechanisms - initially they were very heavy to pull but over the months/years we learned to optimize the sensitivity and reduce the friction - many hours in the farm workshop!

Actually thinking about speargun trigger mechanisms - I recall on some guns seeing a fish and I start pulling the trigger then change my mind and stop - the trigger is then somewhat inward but not discharged. That used to happen with the old champion guns. I have not experienced such in years - experience has surely made my shooting much more decisive.