Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weekend Spearfishing

Some nice fish on the weekend again...
Allan Heydorn and Johan Jacobs took these off Richards Bay:

Wahoo 18 kg and Cob 25kg

On Saturday mark and I dived 5 km east and west of Noordhoek. Chilly water after the warm dive on Friday - fish were rather scarce and we managed a few good fish in caves. It is still great to see how the sand has been cleared away from some reef which opens up the caves nicely.

In one cave where I saw baardman (tasslefish) on Friday I found no fish in the open and went to the cave. A large baardman was emerging from the dark shadows and pretty soon I saw a chance to boost efficiency - a smaller one was partially eclipsing the larger one further back and my 1100 freedivers speargun pushed the spear through both.

On Friday poachers were not plentiful yet MCM and their vessels were nowhere in sight.

This time of year is good for diving the RIY banks so I hope to get there soon - perhaps this weekend.

GO look at the forum at www.saspearorangking.co.za for more data on the worldchampionships competition - it appears that even at the top comps, politics is finely interwoven into each turn of events.

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