Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zephyr's Freediving Progress in Our Warm pool

With our solar panels (x10 x 3.6 m2 on the roof) and 65000 L pool we are seeing a great change in Zephyr's diving training. He is Tunring 5 on 19 January 2009.
The pool climbed from 22 Deg C to 28 since the panels began working and this keeps Zephyr in long. I am now becomming a fulltime lifeguard!!(that's the catch of installing panels when you have young kids).

Read about the thermal changes in our pool at my Swimline Blogsite:

Anyway he has mastered getting to the pool floor in the shallow side to retrieve coins(used to buy sweets and toy submarines) and stones. Yesterday I introduced a a brass nail I took from a wooden shipwreck at Northend back in the years when it was legal to do so. I at great lenth explaiend how I retrieved teh ship's nail and he was highly motovated to repeatedly salvage the nail from the poolfloor. He has mastered using brock and rocks in his descent and I showed him the benefit of leaving them on the bottom. Each time he surfaces triumphantly thrusting his nail bearing arm high out the water and Chevonne and I clap and cheer and make promises of the rewards such as suckers and DVD hire. He is proceeding in a healthy incremental style pushing it bit by bit to go further and deeper.
This is the way I promote in my mentorship and the new improve your depth and bottom time course I am compiling. It is safe and renders best rewards that way.
SO bit by bit I see Zephyrs breathholds extending.
Later I did not feel like swimming again so I was aropund the side. Zephyr sqeaks through his snorkel when I must assist his descent. He holds onto the pool brush and I thrust him down to retrieve the target. I can make this no limits freediving for him.
I now just need to sneak him into the deeper side before he realizes it because i know he can do it - the fact has already been accomplished in my mind and I am seeding it in his - only need to paint the pic now.

I forsee great potential in him - he has a strong will accompanied by a tough and strong physique with an inquiring mind and experimental attitude - ok sometime more mental than experi.

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