Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zephyrs' progressing to be a freediver

Yesterday I had Zephyr down at the pool. At the age of almost 5 he is now trying to copy a lot of actions he sees or hears about.
I told him a bedtime story of Yorgos Haggi Satti - the grandfather of freediving - he retrieved and ships anchor in 1911 from 77m on breath hold.

I tossed some coins onto the 3rd step of our pool and told Zephyr to fetch and rewards would be sweets.
He got one and battled with the others as he would float up.
Last year he saw me down on the pool floor with a rock to keep me there as I scrubbed some stain on the pool floor.
I was ordered to fins a rock and returned with a brick which I halved for Zephyr.
He snatched it out my hand and plunged his face back in and returned with the two coins. Then he insisted I throw them in again and again till he was clearly way too cold.
It is heartwarming for a diver dad to see his son's enthusiasm in retrieving the coins, and using a stone to aid his descent, even if it is really short.
Later he did an unintentional duckdive and I will work on that too.

later today I am off to Cape Town for 3 days to take staff for training in pool solar heating installations that we want to add to Swimline, our pool maintenance and service company.

In due course our pool will be better suited to training Zephyr in diving skills. Perhaps even the little sister can retrieve some coins too..

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