Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Doubt, action and spearfishing

Here is a quote I was sent recently.
When I read some quote I ask: How can I apply that?

Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone.

Thomas Carlyle
1795-1881, Philosopher and Author

In my earlier years where enthusiasm to dive overrode almost anything such as wind, sharks, swell, dirty water etc. this quote applied strongly.
Many a day saw myself and divebuddy meet with a wasted dive - swell was too big and reduced bottom viz to almost zero - crashed into the bottom without seeing it were the order of the day. Now this happens much less as we have a model to predict this.

But what it took was action - getting out there finding out and being alert to the conditions and how environmental factors altered them.
Doubt was the - I wonder how much viz is at .... or Are the soldiers running at ...?

Fanus and I developed the "you won't know if you don't go" motto and it payed off over the years - we are now able to go out to sea and almost never come home empty handed. Some will say how do you always get decent fish?
The answer lies in having not got fish often en ought to know what makes us not get fish and then avoid the unsuccessful formula.
Just the other day Mark and I went to go for a steenbras hunt in Algoa Bay. At Hobie beach we were debating weather to go or not and doubt existed. The action required to decide was me walking into the sea and feeling the chilly water - then running that input into my model I predicted the thermocline would be too high on our intended divesite for a good probability of getting a nice catch. (It took a good many dives to dicover that I would only be successfull 1 in 5 or 1 in 7 dives - and to develop certainty it required more that 7 dives - more like seven years of such dives. How many times I cam back empty handed on those steenbras ony hunts - oc course leaving nice baardman, soldiers, and bronze bream so as not to disturb the prospective white steenbras.)
So we went home and let the boys dive in the pool instead - and of course plan the next dive based on the 7 day 4cast.

So I used past action to help decide(dispel doubt) on future action. Without the past action I would have to go out and find out.

The model I use is covered in my Divebook (Pinnacle and wall Divesites of Port Elizabeth - Memoirs of Freediver), My Spearfishing Correspondence Course, and in my Online Spearfishing Mentorship Program. See www.freedive.co.za for more on these topics.

The model is readily adapted along the SA coastline, and if inverted(or reversed) would apply in the northern hemisphere. I tested that in Spain in 2007 and it proved correct.

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