Monday, December 8, 2008

Hectic Thermocline

Seems there was some cold water around on the weekend...

Well on a more serious note there were thermoclines as a result of the presistent light east winds. Some goof fish were taken the Tony Dicks which I mised - other commitments.
Dave Hudek won it and well done to him on that performance.

I made tremendous progress with Zephyr's diving in the pool yesterday. He completed a 17 m swim with no aids. Rwards await the 18 m mark.
He also retrieved a ring off teh bottom in the deep side. OK, it was a variable balast dive in which he used a 2 kg stone to aid his descent, but he did not use fins.
We have a dive session planned for this arvie again. With my solar panels we had 29 deg C yesterday allowing the kids can stay in for an hour at a time or longer.

The windfinder forecast shows ridiculously flat seas - in the next 7 days the swell will average around 1.4 m and not exceed 1.8 m!!!!

Exciting stuff!

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