Sunday, December 14, 2008

hydroids, fat lip and garrick

As I type this post my right top lip is blown up to about 2 bar - swollen from a hydroid sting. Mark and I were diving on the wreck of the Colonial Empire when I felt a tingling and then burning pain on my lip. I had been peeking in a few holes and must have transferred a portion of a hydroid onto my lip when shifting the snorkel. They adhere to ones glove and can thus gain contact with ones lip. Not long and it felt like the numbing of a dentist anaesthetic and soon I felt the inflation begin.
Condition lately have been superb for spearfishing - hardly any wind to talk about, flat seas and good fish about. Viz has been a bit planktonny but ok for getting fish. Raggies have shown up in good numbers too. Yesterday we encountered thermoclines as cool as 10 deg C with fairly good viz in the cold water but very murky above - vis as low as 0.5 m. Yesterday the swell was up to about 1.5 m - normally this is flat for us but considering recent conditions it was relatively rough!
The westerly eventually came through lightly but accompanied by a fresh westerly current.

For me this holiday (I have been on "leave" for the last week) is more like hard labour - working at Swimline - our recently acquired swimming pool maintenance and cleaning company has kept me on the trot non-stop as every pool owner needs their pool clean and functional for the holiday. THe disadvantage is that I dive much less than normal but I like new things and am learning a lot more about swimming pools and their variations, problems and solutions to those problems. Having a doctorate degree in chemistry is of course a bit of an advantage.

Yesterday Zephyr broke new ground again - he did his first width of our pool underwater in a breaststroke style - only a 4 m swim, yet most satisfying to mom and dad. He repeated it a few more times to show off a bit. With the pool at 29 deg I had trouble getting him out.

Zane got a nice 8 kg garrick:

Garrick are relatively scarce in PE in normal dive spots - best success I have had has been at North End and at the tip of the PE harbour's south wall.

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