Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Protea Banks Spearfishing

Cory sent me a pic of some fine fish he and two divebuddies took on Protea Banks.
Here we see Joe on the left with a nice yellowfin tuna of 25 kg, Cory keeping up his Cape training mode with a 15 kg yellowtail and a sizable rubberlip of 8.5 kg. Garret brings up the right with a 20 kg giant trevally, or Ignoblis kingfish.

Nice fish guys!

I spoke to a scuba diver who drifted over Protea Banks to view sharks on one dive there - he could not understand the boat noise and when he came up and questioned the skipper about the activity he was informed that they had drifted 9 km on that 40 minute midwater dive.
That's quite a current!!

Nice fish guys!

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