Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spearfishing Course - Optimize Depth and Bottom Time

As promised earlier I said I would put up the table of contents of my new course entitled Optimize your Spearfishing Depth and Bottom Time.

Part 1 Why Deeper? Why more bottom time? p2

Part 2 Shallow Water Blackout (SWB) p23

Part 3 Cycles and Spearfishing p29

Part 4 Factors Influencing Your Success in Spearfishing p37

Part 5 Deep Diving Part Section 1 p49

Part 6 Deep Diving Part 2 p58

Part 7 Persistence and Mindset for Success p68

Part 8 Ultra Deep Spearfishing p72

Bonus # 1 Hunting Methods Part 1 p91

Bonus # 2 Hunting Methods Part 2 p99

Bonus # 3 Hunting Methods Part 3 p103

Bonus # 4 Advanced Spearfishing Techniques p112

Appendix 1 Breathhold Enhancement Exercise p118

The course has 40 assignments and the structure is a dose of theory then application by means of assignment.

Mentorship student swill naturally ask what overlap there is..
My answer is plenty of overlap - there must be as the topics of this course are essentailly all covered in the online spearfishing mentorship.

This new course is specific to the need of improving the depth you dive safely and increasing your bottom time.

The course will cost R400 and is only awaiting a few photographs for completion so it will be available by next week Wednesday.

Online Spearfishing Mentorship students get a special rate.

Well, I think am going to go sharpen my speartip now in anticipations of seeing it punch through some scales...

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