Monday, December 22, 2008

Thermoclines herd in the big baardman

On Sunday morning Mark and I went for a dive. At the launchsite we met some divers who told me I Had gotten lots of fish the day before - he he I wish - I was landbound - running poolshop.
Multi-tasking genius!!
Anyway went went down and found the sea less than desirable swell up and rising, viz little more than three meters at best.
We decided to check out the conditions and then be specific in our dives based on the findings.
We headed into Algoa bay and found it very cold just below the surface.
My short gun came out and I headed strait to a cave - expecting a big baardman.
As I dropped below the ledge and looked in a big baarman eye gorked back at me. The shot did not switch it off but splintered the top if its backbone just behind the head...

It was 7.6 kg guts and gills out - with the gut content in this one was probably about 8.4kg.

Conditions were not conducive to filming so my new camera was left on the boat.

We looked around and found a few more fair fish. The swell kept getting bigger and soon sand plumes kicked up all around us - we tried fishing a bit and then headed home to relax with the kids and do some maintenance.

When thermoclines charge up and down as they are at present try dive specific in the cold water - landmark your caves and cavities as those will produce the odd nice fish and even a few awesome ones.

Expect big baardman in the caves this time of year.

Remember to call them and often pairs of big one run together - so get one and if you need another try drumming and pretty soon it's mate may come sneaking up to mate with you...


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