Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tony Dicks Competition - Prizes

Lohan Geel sent me a list of Prizes for the Tony Dicks Competition.
Here they are:

1st prize – Trophy and R500
2nd prize – Jacket and prize from Mikes Dive Shop
3rd prize – Jacket and open water one train course
Best Game fish – jacket and braai set
Best Reef fish – jacket and spot light
Best rookie diver – jacket, puma bag and Hi Tec
Slip slops
Biggest Black Tail – Weather proof focus lantern,
Waist bag, watch strap and 6 x red bull
Lots of small prizes for the ones that did not get.
All the Divers will get a Vodacom hat, Powerade
Concentrate and a shirt.
Free beer for the Prize giving. Now that's different.
Entrance fee reduced to R200.00

I will also offer two prizes to be given at the organisers discretion:

1. Electronic Divebook - Pinnacle and Wall Divesites of Port ELizabeth:

2. My new Spearfishing course - "Optimize your spearfishing depth and bottom time".

I am almost done with the course and it should proove very usefull to those wishing to optimize their depth and bottom time.

Later I will post teh table of contents.

Good job with the organising Lohan.

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