Friday, December 19, 2008

Variable Balast FreeDive - Starting Young

Zephyr did a variable balast dive yesterday.
Conditions: 8-10 m viz - 30 deg C, depth little over 2 m, Location - home pool.

He is now fully confident, and even a bit bored going to the bottom in our pool - next I have plans for him to learn to equalize and then to go to about 4 m...

He will also need to learn to relax and calm his system down a bit.

Tonight's bedtime story will be about equalizing and 4 m dives - I need to plant a seed in the fertile soil....

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resume help said...

Wow, look at him at this age he is really good and I am 32 still don't know swimming. Good job, keep it up. Thank you for sharing the video with us