Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Battlescarred MusselCracker

Eugene sent me this pic of a 15 kg musselcracker he got at the wreck of the Patti recently - Check out the dark markings on it - scars - probably from raggies lying in a gully pretending that they are not there and ambushing...

Fish seem to have an amasing ability to recover from wounds as evidenced by the scars we find on some, or how they have had bites taken out of them.
In the late ninties I speared a 16 kg cob in a cave - I speared the silouette and unexpectedly pulled out a horrifically scarred fish it had lost at least 50 % of its scales and had deep gouges all along its body with clear tooth "valleys" down its length. 2/3 of the fish was inedible and the dogs and cats enjoyed that. I believe that fish would have survived had not a spear come through it.

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