Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diving Dog

I took these pics of an underwater enthusiast.
The name is "Fudge"

This little crossbred pooch is completely batty about retrieving stones or whatever is retrievable from the pool floor. I dropped the stone in on the shallow side that is a little over 1 m deep and Fudge leapt off the side of the pool in a direct dive and swam down by vertical doggy paddle to the floor of the pool, zooming strait in on the stone, collected it and then swam up again. Fudge will also start dives while swimming around on the surface - she will dive and look for the object on the pool floor.

Next time Fudge comes around I think we will work toward the deep side and see if Fudge can go two meters down to retrieve an object - I have sneaky feeling it will be possible.

Here are a few pics...

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