Thursday, January 15, 2009

Predictions are great and can serve us well but...

The other day Eugene called me to ask what I thought of the water for a dive - he was down at Noordhoek and was debationg whether to put to sea for a quick dive before dark.

I said: "Man you went all the way down there - give it a try!"

Over the years that is where Fanus Gerber and I coined the "You won't know if you don't go" motto.

Eugene sent me a pic of his catch:

I brightened the pic to make the fish viewable but the pic was taken in essential darkenss. Those last 30 minutes before dark are very productive!

At 16 kgs I would say he made the right decision. There was a little clean patch of water in the generally thick planktonified water. Obstructions to water flow such as Cape Receife and other points often cause flow irregularities that can give a snippet of viz in an otherwise trashed sea. We have seen this repeatedly in the earlier Bird Island dives, visits to St Croix, Brenton and Jaheel, RIY banks and even Coega's harbour wall can also alter flow.

So there is often a way if the will permits.

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