Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spearfishing a 14 kg Musselcracker at Cape Receife, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

It had been a long time that I was out of the water - since b4 Xmas day. That day I took a nice baardman and returned to where I got it with may camera recording the expected action. On my descent the thermocline I had expected was not there and the odds rapidly increased in favour of no baardman - so it was.
Next I headed inshore and dives a cave expecting cracker again - only a bronze bream trailing a fishing line. I filmed myself taking the bronze bream. Next I headed northwards to a spot where I had taken cracker before. The viz was about 5 m which made the bottom visible in the shallows.
I switched on my camera just below the surface and idled down, inspected a cave and tried to settle next to a ledge where I could anchor myself. Surge luckily diminished and I could just lie there recording the anticipated action.

This time my anticipation was well founded...

The new camera with its wider than normal angle lense recorded the action superbly for the standard 17 frames per second setting.

You can view the clip on this link:

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