Friday, January 30, 2009

Stoning a 70 cm Cape Salmon(geelbek) at Sardinia Bay, Port ELizabeth - Video clip

Early one morning Mark and I stopped at a pinnacle off the back of the Sardinia Bay reserve to have dive. Mark went down and found a 1000 bonito in a shoal accompanied by some young geelbek(cape salmon). Directly translated from Afrikaans geelbek means yellowmouth. The bottom is 24m but we did not need to get down there as the fish were in midwater.

Geelbek are sometimes rather like cob in that they are not always easily spooked and may be quite easy to shoot - watch this...

Incidentally, back in 2005 on the Wreck of the Produce, I dived down in a similar manner and took a 13 kg geelbek from a shoal of similarly large fish, initially thinking it was a cob. I believed I had taken a cob and found to my surprize a new SA record geelbek on my spear.
After all the years I have fished and dived I have never yet seen such a big geelbek. Closest was one of 11 kg that Mark took on the RIY banks - it was well-stuffed with sardines.

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