Tuesday, February 17, 2009

John browns shoaling on the RIY banks

Below is a video clip showing one of the many shallow pinnacles on the western edge of the RIY banks - I included the video clip description here:

I dive a spot where I had a run-in once with an aggressive great white shark - viz 12 m.
On the top are John Brown fish being pushed backward and foreward by the surge. Depth: 9 m droping to 20 m off the side.
The swell is only 1.5 m.
(On this spot I once dived exactly where these fish are swimming with a 5 m swell - the surge pulled me down to the bottom and then sucked me up over the top and down the other side!!! On breathholds that can require good timing.)

I seldom spear John browns - perhaps only in a competition if it is a scratch to find fish. They are good eating but because of their small size there is not much flesh to be obtained from their flanks. The average size one sees in our waters is perhaps 700 g but they can reach 2 kg and the record is a whopping 4 kg!

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