Thursday, February 12, 2009

My speargun takes a milkie (jutjaw)

There is in our waters a fish we find fairly regularly - the jutjaw. Unfortunately most are rather small and are seldom targeted by spearos. These fish eat small krill like shrimps that are common on reefs where there is a lot of sand.
The tough skin has small firmly bound scales. The flesh makes excellent eating.

Here is a pic of one I took recently, and a video clip of the hunt follows that.

Note the protruding jaw that led to the name jutjaw.

In the clip you will see what the reef looks like - that is my preferred type of reef - slabs, caves and some sand - it this structure could occur on a point adjacent to high pinnacles it becomes all the better. Remember that these slab-like reef structures normally occur in the sea parallel to and opposite sand dunes - there is a tip that can help you find some fine spots.

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