Thursday, February 19, 2009

Perception of time while spearfishing

Mark and I watched some of the clips I took the other day. We were both amazed at how quick things happen when viewed from outside as compared to when you are in the water doing it. For example - I see a fish approach and come closer - it is as if time is slowed down - one perceives more subtle changes in the fishes behaviour than are evident from the video clip.
I am sure that any waiting predatory hunter such as leopards, or even my pet black cat, also have this slowed down perception as compared to a outsiders view.
It is similar on a land-based breathhold - time can really drag on ocasion especially when you are seeking a target time and its going rough toward the end.

So next time you dive and nothing is going on give it a thought - note how time seems to vary.

Something else that is worth a try is to see if you can feel or hear your heartbeat while down. This is best done on a quiet spot with no severe surge. I have listened to my heartbeat and noted the drop on descendign to about 10 m. On top it was 55 and after 30 sec on the bottom it dropped to 35 - that is 36%. I wonder what the drop is in deeper water of say 20 or 30 m.

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