Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recipe for seafood stirfry - using spearfished bonito

Due to the scarcity of tuna in our local waters bonitos are my favourite for sashimi, sushiand seafood stirfry. Wow thats a lot of "s" es!

Step 1 By hook, spear or banknote obtain the victim:

Step 2 Fillet and cut away dark flesh and skin and slice into long strips:

Keep cats and crows away lest you be taxed

Step 3 Have wife(or assistant) prepare a selection of sliced vegetalbles:green red and yellow peppers, onion and spring onion, carrots, zuchini, beans, sprouts, egg noodles (purchased at Valley Harvest or Woolworths).

You will also need sweet chillie sauce, Kikkoman Soy sauce and Olive oil.

Step 4: Heat a little oil in a wok and brown the onions then add the strips of bonnie

Pour in about 40 mL of Kikkoman Soy sauce (the salty one)and stir in - brown the fish on good heat for about 3 minutes:

Remove the fish and onions to prevent the fish from breaking up (this alone make a great meal for those who do not care for vegetables)

Now add the the veggies (except the baby tomatoes) with a ~25 ml of olive oil, crank up the heat and cook for a few minutes (with occasional stiring) so the veggies are 1/2 cooked and add the noodles (500g)

Next add a about 30 mL Sweet chillie sauce then the pasta:

after 1/2 cooking the veggies and pasta add the baby tomatoes on top and simmer for about 5 minutes

Add the fish and onion plus liquid and gently mix into the stirfry - if the fish cooled while standing it will warm up again now.

This certainly rates at the top of the list of stirfrys I have eaten - and puts bonnies at risk near me!!!

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