Friday, February 6, 2009

RIY banks dive - spearfishing a 12 kg yellowtail

I took this ~ 12 kg yellowtail on a pinnacle on the RIY banks last Sunday. Conditions were good with close to 20 m viz on top but down to about 10 m further down at a depth of 18 m. (On this pinnacle I was charged heavily by a 5 m great white some years back so we did chum but not too generously. That beast bent my spear into a "z" shape and snapped the muzzle of my speargun as I fended it off).
Here are two clips showing the shot and retrieval of the fish...

Part A: Chasing and taking the shot:
The baitfish spooked, I dive down a yellowtail approaches from the right, spooky - will not allow me close enought for a shot, I swim away then parallel, the fish gains confidence and reappears, I chase and take a shot... oops it's low - probably will not land this one. The fish runs really hard for the reef.
Part B shows more...

Part B: Pulling the fish up
This clip is part B of the preceding one - The tail ran hard for the reef and actually reefed my line - I was sure the low shot would not hold - fortunately the fish turned back on its path and release the line then turned upside down t- a good move for me as it became disoriented and the fish slacked off. Mark descended in search of more fish, found none and secured my fish with s second shot, now you see me pull it up.

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