Tuesday, February 24, 2009

South Africa Online Open Spearfishing Competition 2009

Well last year I said after the Online Open 2008 I would run another this year - about the end of summer early autumn when clam days tend to prevail.

I thus propose to run the next online open from mid March (14th)to the end of April.
Obviously extendable in even of wipe out weather.

Scoring will be based on record percentage again.

Participants can dive anywhere in SA waters, when they want and how they want. Just don't spearfish in reserves or inland waters.

The competition is open to all, overseas visitors too so long as they take fish in SA waters.

Again will want pics of the fishes (reduced in size!!!!) and I will post these on this blog and have results available of a dedicated page.

Who can offer what? Any donations? I will give exposure for you product on my blog and website - typical exposure 70-150 views per day.

Proceeds, after expenses, will go to funding the springbok team at their next international event.

Is there any input from readers - if so please send responses to freedive@freedive.co.za.

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