Monday, February 9, 2009

Spearfishing Atlantic Bonito (sardo-sardo) video clip

Sunday saw us out at sea around the point - deeper out the viz was awesome almost 20 m and the temp was 20 deg C while the west side was 11 deg C. our idea to seek the warm clear water worked and yet again validated our hydrodynamics model of water flows for Algoa Bay. see my divebook for detail of this model. (note the model is not always accurate - I do not wish to convey the idea that I am never wrong!!)

On my first dive at a pinnacle 2km out from Cape Receife found a big shoal of bonitos and took this clip:

Later Mark took a big bonnie:

The viz was awesome and options for taking pics and video clips were superb - now I have a good stock of clips to offer over the next while.

I saw some fishermen come back to Noordhoek - moaning that they caught no bonnies - there could be great benefit for them in knowing how the water flows in and around Algoa Bay (the model applies to any similar bay such as Cape StFrancis, Oyster Bay, Mosselbay, Plettenberg Bay etc.
I must have seen over 1000 bonnies in various large shaols and the water was warm where I saw them too - they just do not like 11 degree water and probably drop off into a slowed up mode in such a chill.

Later I will post some nice bonnie recipes

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