Friday, February 20, 2009

Spearfishing Scotsmen

Some weeks back I took a scotsman. These are fine fishes with superb colouration as you can see in the pics and the video clip of me taking one.

They are keen predators and I have seen them in pursuit of a shoal of sardine picking off the odd snack as the shoal "clouds" along.

Scotsmen are shy but can approach closely if you know how to apprpriatly manipulate of their curiosity. Such skills are the topic of my spearfishing courses and mentorship program. see

Here I take an ~2kg scotsman near a cave at Bushy Park to the west of Port Elizabeth.

So what does the weekend hold for spearos in PE? - there may be some good diving if the plankton has not blotted out the viz - winds are moderate with a 2 m swell.

See the 4asts below...

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