Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spearfishing technique - Spearing a soldier

In the clip below I show a strategy that works quite well to bring in shy fish.
Armed with camera and gun I descend to the reef at 13 m with a good 7m viz, some fish exit - there is a nice zebra but I leave it - not wanting an unchoked discharge into a cave.
The presence of the camera in my left hand saved that zebra.
I shift to a saddle adjacent to the cave - soldier approaches, but moves off.

This is the part of a spearfishing technique that works for me - from an outside fishes point of view I ducked into the cave - kind of hiding - enough to build curiosity in that fish. Obviously they come nearer for a look-see. Back to that hunt..

Now facing the open I am ready to get a fish - sometimes nice big ones.
So this soldier approached (interest aroused), but then it shied away behind the reef - I then guessed its path and true enough it came back once more as I was out of sight. It just burns the fish up that curiosity - in the clip note how my gun was facing strait toward the fish as it returned from behind the reef.

I here is what I suggest to my students:
"try predict the fishes swimroute rather than just observe - that way you may learn to think like a fish".
Obviously it does not always work but you will certainly up your odds by asking yourself where it will swim, be it a big tuna or a small soldier...

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Eckart said...

I want to let you know that the quality of your clips has vastly improved! Your new camera is doing a great job!