Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spierre Carbon Fins - my views

On Sunday I dived a long long time - being forced to remain out at sea by the occurence of the Herald Cycle tour and the closed roads (6 am - 3 pm).

I prior years I had use dmy Picasso black team Carbon fins of RIY and thought they were good I had two chief problems:
1. the make a woop woop sound as the straiten on certain strokes which may spook fish
2. i would cramp after about 6-7 hours of continuos diving.

With my Spierre fins I have neither of those problems. Cramps with them - WHat's That??
Also the wooping sound is not generated - I think because its blade is slightly wider and longer and somewhat less stiff. I actually use the Picasso carbons - one foot Spierre other Picasso - the superiority of teh Spiere carbons is readily apparent this way. My pair have blades 3 cm longer than nornmal and they are fitted with RobAllen footpockets.

The nice thing was that I could dive with 4 weights instead of the normal five and do small calf type kicks which are econmomical.

So the bottom line is that a 6 am to 6 pm dive in 15-25 m of water,
swimming moderate curent,
with hardly any breaks except to move the boat,
with no cramps,
while I was rather unfit,
is quite managable with the right fins.

Need I say more?...

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