Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stingray Migration - Are the RIY Banks an Assembly point??

I got an email this morning showing pics of a stingray migration on the surface. It brought to mind somethin I saw on the RIY banks this weekend - following the bird action Mark dropped me off to see what was going on - all i saw was sardine scales and a few bronze whalers.

Later I dived to inspect the bottom and found scattered reef and sand at about 25 m. There was also a huge congregation of stingrays. As far as I could see was just a mass of rays - remided me of the movie Battlestar Galactica where the ray-shaped space fighters would move in their thousands - only the rays I could see were stationary facing northwest.
Sadly had spent all the charge of my cameras battery so the picture remain in my mind.

So perhaps we also have such migrations, or at least mass congregations, here on the NE side of the RIY banks.

I posted the emailed pics below to give an idea of what I saw except the rays were hovering at about 20-25 m.

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