Monday, February 16, 2009

Video Clip - Spearfishing a big soldier on the RIY banks

Going to war against soldiers - there is nothing like spine-ing a big soldier for eastern cape spearos - sometimes they approach in a great hoard but seldom are they nice big ones, and often in clear water they are very difficult to take - like the tricky hunting of the dentex in the Mediternanean sea.
RIY banks with its clearer water often drags long bottom times out of us while seeking a big soldier. If there are large shoals of baitfish(pinkies or gorries) the big soldiers may be there, or near the foodsource.
This was the case on the day I dived there.

Here is one of about 4 kg that I took recently while diving next to an under such a cloud of gorries.

You can see the video clip of me spearing it with my 1100 Freedivers reelgun. Watch how the gorries(baitfish) come flocking to see if a morsel can be spared...

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