Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend Options

Looking below at the windfinder 4cast I think it may be cold, very cold along the west side, warm in teh shallows of Algoa Bay but probably stirred up if the east swell gets as big as 4casted - often it does not. If there is viz on good reefs in Algoa bay there may be lots of fish with the probability of the west side chilling and fish seeking warmth.
Otherwise I would don my thick suit and go hunt in caves if the surge permits.

Maybe the Seaview or Beachview gullies could be productive - last weekend Steven Riley got two cracker and a cob of ~12-13 kg but he lost the latter to a shark while swimming back in.
Remember those novices who got the pile of geelbek in the gulley year b4 last in Dec after plenty east....

Perhaps Zephyr should join me on such a mission - last week he swam 8 m along the pool floor with no fins and on just 1 breath. Only our pool is 32 deg C and the sea will be closer to 12 degC I guess!! I am going to take him to St Georges pool soon to work on his depth - there he could go to almost 4 m and that will force him to learn to equalize.

Well have fun whatever you do...


Team Triton said...

Mi sono visto tutto il blog, devo dire che siete bravi pescasub e che avete un mare ricco di fauna.
Complimenti per le splendide catture che effettuate.
Dall'Italia. Mauro.

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

"I saw all the blogs, I must say that you are good pescasub and you have a sea rich in fauna.
Congratulations on the splendid catches made.
From Italy. Mauro."

Thank-you Teamtriton!
It is a pleasure to show some of what I do and hope it is both entertaining and educational